About PK

My Journey in clay began at the tender age of 13. I began throwing pots on a kick wheel my brother had in the backyard with my friend Eric. I was immediately and completely immersed clay.

I started High School that following year and was fortunate enough to have Jack Schafer as my Ceramics teacher. He is a great potter, mentor and her was instrumental in furthering my interest in clay. He arranged an apprenticeship with Joe Souza, an accomplished studio potter in Auburn, Ca., for a month in the summer of 1973. I was exposed to the life of a potter. A life full of many daily challenges, and even more daily rewards.

The following years of High School I was very much focused on Ceramics. I helped build a Daniel Rhodes Sprung Arch Brick Kiln in a lot by our house 1974, where I proceeded to spend many a night curled up next to the burners firing the kiln all night. In the summers of my sophomore and junior years in High School, I attended the Earth, Air, Fire, Water Pottery Workshops in Nevada City, Ca. These were month long workshops where we did all aspects of pottery, from digging the clay from the ground, throwing, making glazes to building and repairing the huge 6 chamber Climbing Kiln. It was yet another chance to completely immerse myself in my passion.

I attended Sacramento State after High School, but was quickly drawn to a full time position throwing pottery for a production pottery in Sacramento, H&R Pottery. It was throwing, throwing, and more throwing and I loved it. For 13 years…I loved it. During this time I was also doing my own work in my backyard, The first incarnation of PK Pottery. It was a time of growth and exploring the art of reduction firing.

I worked at numerous other potteries in the Sacramento area, Earthworks West, Panama Pottery, and Clouds Porcelain. Each pottery exploring a different range of work.

In 1995, I made a big change and moved to Wisconsin to work at a production Salt Glaze Pottery, Rockdale Union Stoneware. Soon after I started working at the largest Hand thrown salt Glaze Pottery in the United States, Rowe Pottery Works. I started as a Thrower, eventually ended up as the General Manager. I was fortunate enough to be able to continue throw and work in the pottery as well as manage.

In 2005, I went to work for a small pottery called Ephraim Faience Pottery. We made Arts and Crafts Era pottery. This was highly sculpted work on thrown forms with flowing matt glazes that challenged me further in my thirst for knowledge in clay. A collaborative environment that was very open and led to a much wider array of ideas and methods

In 2015, I moved back to home to California and began working at Clouds Porcelain again making functional ware out of porcelain, until Penny Cloud retired in 2018.

In 2019, I am excited to once again explore my own path as PK Pottery rises from the ashes once again.